Coverage Studies

We specialize in conducting coverage studies for wireless systems such as Wifi and Radio systems are an important step in the engineering output process.

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Coverage Studies for Hazardous Areas

Conducting coverage studies for wireless systems in hazardous areas is an essential step in ensuring the safety and efficiency of operations within such environments.

Advanced modeling tools and software are employed to simulate various scenarios, allowing for the prediction of signal propagation patterns and coverage areas. By doing so, we identify potential dead zones or areas with weak signal strength, which could pose significant risks in emergency situations.

Wifi Coverage Studies

These studies involve comprehensive assessments of an industrial facility’s layout, size, and unique operational requirements to design an efficient and reliable WiFi network.

A state of the art simulation software is used to conduct surveys that take into account factors such as signal propagation, interference sources, and potential dead zones. 

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wifi coverage studies
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Radio Coverage Studies

Radio coverage studies involve a meticulous analysis of the facility’s layout, structural composition, and potential interference sources to design a robust radio network tailored to the industry’s specific needs.

We utilize specialized software and hardware tools to map out signal propagation patterns, identify potential dead zones or areas with weak coverage, and optimize the placement of radio equipment and antennas. 

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Why Choose Us

Expert Team

Our team consists of certified engineers, drafters and technicians who are familiar with state of the art software to produce highly accurate results. 

Compliance and Regulations

We stay up-to-date with industry-specific regulations and guidelines and all a level of industry know-how to our simulations. 

Advanced Simulations

Using some of the most advanced simulation software, we conduct accurate and detailed coverage studies. 


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